Gold Leaf sometimes works with a single client to arrange a series of introductions, either at meetings set up especially for the purpose in prospects’ offices or at major trade events, e.g. the London Book Fair or the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Gold Leaf has worked with clients for one year or longer to supply introductions (mainly of publishers, to technology companies).

Gold Leaf normally helps the client to identify prospects and then works out a schedule on how best to approach them – for example, a series of 3 meetings all to take place in one day, in, say, London, Oxford and Edinburgh, or a more concentrated programme of 25 – 30 meetings at the London Book Fair or Frankfurt.
Gold Leaf will take detailed notes at each meeting and provide follow-up e-mails for the client and prospect, listing what was discussed and any action points.

Gold Leaf will also draft tender documents for a publisher seeking technology partners, place the tender with appropriate companies, assist the publisher in analysing the results and set up a ‘beauty contest’ with the most promising candidates.
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