Working with Gold Leaf

For large or medium projects and ongoing work (advisory boards, newsletters, etc.) Gold Leaf is happy to receive an outline of requirements from the client. A draft proposal will then be submitted, for discussion/ amendment.

Once Gold Leaf has supplied a quotation for a piece of work, the maximum charge will be as agreed. If the work takes less time, the work will be charged for on a pro rata basis. If it takes longer, the client won’t be asked to pay more unless the work required is modified by the client.

A Gold Leaf proposal will include a timescale and, if this is lengthy, a series of milestones. Interim reports may also be offered. Gold Leaf usually copyrights its proposals, as each one is unique and not developed from those supplied to previous clients.
The terms of small, one-off projects can often be agreed by e-mail exchange, rather than via a longer proposal.

Copyediting and proofreading are charged for by the hour, at market rates.
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